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Common electrostatic membrane

by:LINYANG     2020-03-15
Repeat with a protective film, static film, etc. , such as beer, beverage, soy sauce, vinegar and other packaging using glass bottles used over and over again. Recycling packaging, can be regenerated in two ways, physical methods refers to direct a thorough purification, without any contaminant residues, again after processing of plastic packaging container directly used for regeneration. Chemical method refers to the recycled PET crushing after washing, under the effect of catalyst, make PET depolymerization of all or partly depolymerized to monomer, then purified monomer polymerization again into recycled packaging materials. The reuse of packaging materials and regeneration, only extended the plastic polymer materials as the service life of the packaging materials, such as when after reaching its service life, still face handling of waste and environmental pollution problems. Edible packaging film. For decades, the familiar candy packaging used on the wafer and packing ice cream corn baking cups are typical edible packaging. More mature in the synthetic edible packaging film is transparent, colorless, odorless, non-toxic, resilient and high oily film, edible, can be used as food packaging. Its luster, strength and folding resistance are good. Edible cling film. As early as 12 ~ 13 century in our country has with wax to Shanghai juji orange, lemon to slow their dehydration weightlessness. Extend the fruit and vegetable shelf life. Generally use of edible cling film, now has developed into a variety of functions, clear water proofing property and the certain choice of permeability, thus in the food industry, especially in the aspects for fruits and vegetables, has a broad application prospect of biodegradable materials is refers to the performance loss during a certain period of time under the specific environment, its chemical structure change of a kind of plastic. Biodegradable plastic has the functions and features of the traditional plastic packaging materials, and can be done in life, the role of ultraviolet light through the sun or the microbial action of soil and water, in a natural environment degradation and reduction, finally back into the ecological environment in the form of non-toxic, return to nature. Since the social development, pearl cotton in industry has been widely applied. Because of pearl cotton light weight, have certain robustness, softness and buffer is very good, excellent insulating thermal conductivity is very low stays independent bubble foam material, almost no water imbibition of waterproof material, high foaming and good waterproof, has the very strong buoyancy, is not subject to corrosion resistance of corrosion resistant material, various drugs is not affected by all kinds of weather conditions, climate resistance is superior, the independent bubble foam material has good anti vibration control effect! Cut, glue, extrusion, vacuum forming, such as compression forming the processability of excellent, fine bubbles of foam material, surface smooth, color, show beautiful effect! Through the processing production of flame retardant products. Can make to prevent electrostatic processing!
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