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Color LCD display screen protection techniques

by:LINYANG     2020-03-14
Color LCD display is the digital camera important constituent, not only expensive, and it's easy to damage, and in use process need to pay special attention to protection. First to pay attention to avoid color LCD display screen is a good thing have a plenty of bruises, color LCD screen surface protective film, others are not, LCD screen protective film color is very fragile, no scratch, will leave traces, you can consider to use a professional LCD protective film, protecting color LCD screen is quite important. In the market of various types of digital LCD also puts forward the corresponding product accordingly. Let your digital LCD display also experienced a full range of perfect protection. In addition, the color LCD screen behind one cannot see the light on the surface, if the color LCD display screen of a display image on a display image process or black dot, or a stain does not show the image, is one of the most light bulbs caused by aging, in this case, change the corresponding general bulbs as long as you can. If color cleaning method to clean the dirty on the surface of the LCD screen, lens, the method of reference after cleaning, use dry cloth to dry. In addition, be careful not to let the color LCD screen surface and weight extrusion to pay special attention to avoid high temperature and the damage to the color LCD display, with the increase of temperature, color LCD display screen will be black, reaches a certain temperature, the temperature dropped to normal state, even in the color liquid crystal display and will not be able to recover. And some of the color LCD display brightness falls at a low temperature, low temperature, liquid crystal display ( The brightness of the LCD display will be very low temperatures, once again, brightness and can resume normal, this is normal phenomenon.
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