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Coating Performance is the key to the production of protective film

by:LINYANG     2019-12-23

in the packaging industry, there is a special protective material called surface protective film, which is attached to various metal plates, plastic plates, glass and other surfaces, during transportation, processing, storage and use, the fine surface of the article is protected, which requires pressure sensitive protective glue/acrylic glue/pu glue with excellent performance.

The viscosity and other rheological properties of the adhesive are the most important properties that affect the coating behavior of the surface protective film. According to the dependence of viscosity with shear speed, fluid can be divided into three types: Newtonian fluid, expanded body and pseudoplastic body. According to the change of viscosity shear time, fluid is divided into Newtonian fluid, tactile variant and rheological body, the larger the rheological property of the adhesive deviates from Newtonian fluid, the more likely it is to have various quality problems in the coating operation, especially when the adhesive has the property of expansion body, since its viscosity will increase rapidly with the increase of coating speed during coating process, the protective film manufacturer ichuan film.

The Key of producing surface protective film is to choose the appropriate coating method and coater according to the coating performance of the protective film and the specific requirements of the protective film, and to determine various process parameters for the operation of the coater. The adhesive must be unfolded with a large mechanical force, so the faster the coating speed, the less likely it is to obtain a uniform coating, and the base material is often broken due to excessive force, and even the scraper is damaged, when the adhesive exhibits Thixotropic properties, the leveling property of the adhesive layer is very poor during coating, so it is difficult to obtain a flat and smooth adhesive layer.

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