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Coated membrane modification may cause what problem?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-11
Membrane modification in the industry, said is a simple and simple, not easy thing, also said that difficult must have some risk, there are also may cause a certain loss, mainly depends on technical personnel operating level, as well as the mechanical sensitivity. Let's look at coated membrane modification may cause some problems. 1, not water resistant many coating film manufacturer of modified PVA, on the market at present is not they are not interested in modified PVA, but water resistance for this product could not reach the requirements of use, should be rejected. According to the survey, do have such products on the market. According to the experimental analysis, the product of the so-called modification, only a handful of hydroxyl of polyvinyl alcohol with modifier crosslinking closed, most of the hydroxyl also bare outside, the bare hydroxyl strong hydrophilicity, macro performance for PVA coating layer is not water resistant. 2, color is not transparent, currently on the market of modified PVA glue solution for yellow, opaque, after coating the base material of end face of coil diameter has obvious yellow, and with the extension of time, the color changed from yellow to reddish brown. As a packaging material, this product seriously affect the packaging are natural appearance. 3, latex stability through the understanding of the PVA coated membrane manufacturers, existing modified PVA glue solution on the market much affected by temperature, time and PH value. Main show is, the lower the temperature, the longer the smaller, PH value, the easier modified PVA glue liquid gel.
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