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Coarse grained aluminum plate protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-08
Aluminum plate, it is to point to made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy materials through pressure processing ( Shear or sawing) The cross section is rectangular, thickness of the uniform rectangular material. International habits thickness in the 0. Here more than 2 mm, 500 mm, 200 mm width, length less than 16 m aluminum material called aluminum plate or aluminium material, 0. For the aluminum foil material under 2 mm, 200 mm width for row material or material (within With the progress of large equipment, of course, the most can do 600 mm wide row material also more) 。 Aluminum coating with special polyethylene ( PE) Based on the material of plastic film, a crosslinking acrylic resin as adhesive, after several special additives. Soft nature, viscosity can good, easy to paste, easy stripping, stripping without glue. ( 1) The thickness of the protective film: 0. 03mm - 0. 15mm ( 2) Color: transparent, blue, black, ivory, 3) Width: 1040 mm or less. ( 4) Viscosity, viscosity, low viscosity, medium viscosity, high viscosity and viscous details: aluminium plate is protective film industry in China have been proud of the product using objects, aluminum plate protective film to protect aluminum plate in the production and processing, when decorating, installation, stores not contaminated during the process of storage, corrosion, scratches, protect the original bright and clean bright surface, thus improve the quality of the products and market competitiveness.
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