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Climb And Slide on Water

by:LINYANG     2020-08-29

Nowadays, there is variety of water games. The swimming pool is not only used for swimming as single as the past. You can find there are many kinds of water games in the theme park or sea beach. But have you seen the inflatable water games combine the slide and climbing?

This inflatable climb and slide game is designed for swimming pool or sea beach. You can climb on the inflatable climb and slide game layer by layer with the handles. There are four layers. It seems easy but it isn't. Thinking about that you are being in the water, the inflatable games are shaking on the water. Although the inflatable games won't turn over, but climbing on the shaking things, it needs the players are of good balance. In other words, the players should have good technique. So it is challenge to play this inflatable game. After the challengeable part, we reach the top of the slides. The slope of the slide is a little steep, so it can increase the exciting of the slither.

The base of the inflatable climb and slide game is round. Its diameter is 6 meters, and it is 4 meters high. It is a huge inflatable game. When placing in the water, even it will shake, but the huge size makes it heavy and steady enough to make sure the inflatable game won't turn over. It is made of 0.9mm PVC tarpaulins. This material of tarpaulins is not easy to be damage. It is of high durable and tear strength. When climbing, dragging the handles are unavoidable. Thus, we do reinforcement on the handles. What's more, we consider the players will create pressure on the slides, so we do cushions under the slides. Cushion can reduce some pressure of the slides and make it durable.

The PVC tarpaulins are stable. It is of UV-resistance, water proof and cold weather resistance. So if the weather is not too extremely, the inflatable climb and slide game should be settled outdoor.

It can also prevent the reproduce of the mildew and bacterial. So, you don't need to worried it will spread the disease. And the color or images of the tarpaulin are not easy to fade out. We use the digital printing, which can print the image well and durable.

This inflatable climb and slide game is exciting, it is enjoyable to play these games in the swimming pool or sea beach.

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