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Cleaning of dishcloth-News Center-Lin-Yang dishcloth factory

by:LINYANG     2019-10-24
The cleaning of the tarpaulin will be more or less dirty after we use the tarpaulin. At this time, we want to make it clean. The following tarpaulin manufacturer will introduce its cleaning method. First clean the soil on both sides of the tarpaulin and throw it on the mat or the dilapidated tarpaulin to avoid soil. Put the prepared materials into the basin or small bucket, one person is evenly splashed on the tarpaulin, the other person sweeps the four sides with a broom, and then brushes hard with a floor brush, put the material into the fabric. After all the brushes are finished, fold the tarpaulin with a thickness of less than half a meter. After washing it, use your feet to make it even and not spend. Then open the tarpaulin and dry it less, that is, brush it for the second time. There are three kinds of materials used for the second time: alum, lead acetate and Foer Ibuprofen Suspension Drops. Ingredients: firstly, 12 kilograms of white peony and 62 kilograms of boiled water are put into the cylinder and stirred. After melting, 32 kilograms of cold water and 3 kilograms of lead acetate are put into the cylinder and stirred for 2 minutes, put 400 of Foer Ibuprofen Suspension Drops into use and continue to stir. The above is the relevant knowledge of dishwashing. If you still have anything you don't understand or want to know, please contact us.
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