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Cleaning knowledge of plastic tarpaulin

by:LINYANG     2023-02-01
Plastic tarpaulins are widely used in transporting goods, and in addition to application, we must also pay attention to its cleaning knowledge. The following plastic tarpaulin manufacturers will analyze for us: after long-distance transportation, if it rains, plastic tarpaulins Dirty substances on the surface of the cloth are generally rinsed once, and only a slight rinse is required when cleaning. But if it hasn't rained, the surface of the tarpaulin must be very dirty, which needs to be cleaned up carefully. If it is for those lighter-colored fabrics, we should pay attention not to wash with darker-colored fabrics when cleaning, to prevent the phenomenon of dyeing, and avoid damaging the aesthetic effect of the tarpaulin and its use. And if we are cleaning the white cloth, we can apply toothpaste on its surface, which can effectively prevent the tarpaulin from discoloring. During the use of the tarpaulin, if it encounters some sharp objects, it is easy to be scratched. If it is a hole-type damage, you can cut two pieces of repaired fabric slightly larger than the hole, and it is best to round the corners when cutting. First patch the outside of the tarpaulin, and the uncoated PU side of the pasted fabric should face outwards, which will be more wear-resistant. Then apply glue evenly, especially for the edge circle, be sure to apply it well, and then stick it on. If you are not assured, you can also apply another layer to the seam to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Then repair the other side in the same way.
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