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Classification of tarpaulin products introduce _ industry dynamics

by:LINYANG     2020-03-29
Tarpaulins in accordance with the use of material is different, can be divided into PE tarpaulins, canvas, PVC tarpaulin etc, according to the waterproof standard, can be divided into single waterproof and waterproof, in accordance with the requirements for performance, divided into ordinary tarpaulins, prevent tarpaulins and five tarpaulin etc. Tarpaulin products classification is introduced as follows: 1. From the yarn can be the difference between the thickness of the product process. 2. From the product of density, the size of the density, directly affects the appearance of the fabric. 3. The choose and buy when the product can use indirect test method, this method is mainly analysis of fabric and its circulation by number. 4. Can also choose to direct count method, this method is according with cloth lens or mirror to complete the fabric density analysis. 5. According to the number of gram classifying product, which has to do with the yarn and fabric warp/weft density, the more the greater the density of coarse cloth, the thick yarn, the greater the gram. Tarpaulin factory to provide different types of tent: in our life, there are a lot of tarpaulin factory or tent company, they produce the product quality is very good, but also rain effect is good, able to protection and security etc. , can play a large role, tarpaulin factory to provide customers the choice of different types. So someone will ask what is the price of tarpaulins, so we can through to get to know, the price also is divided into several, there will be more thick tarpaulins, and thinner tarpaulins, are applicable to moistureproof effect, and the use and protection. So different models, the price is different. We need to see your application when buy. Tarpaulin factory to provide different types of choice, still can make oneself can learn about different types of products have advantages. Through the tent company can let us know more of the material model, also can through the company let oneself can get a lot of help. These are our better method in the process of selecting the tarpaulins, also can have very good effect. Get the satisfaction of people. The above content is provided by linyi liqun tarpaulin factory more, as do big tent production base in shandong, perennial engaged in design and manufacture of tarpaulin we have exquisite process and technology, the quality of supplied products, safe to use and was deeply loved by the masses of customers and favor, welcome for old customers to visit order.
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