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Chinese entrepreneurs delegation's visit to the United States for business opportunities

by:LINYANG     2020-03-21
In September, composed of 60 Chinese entrepreneurs delegation to visit. They hope to find suitable local companies to invest in the United States. Lam Yang technology co. , LTD. , general manager of Xie Weifeng by invitation of the U. S. ambassador to China Gary Locke and many visiting group from the United States, the national entrepreneur in this time of the visit, not only is a visit to some American high-tech companies, such as dupont, 3 m company, Chinese entrepreneurs consortium also intends to land in the United States to seek business opportunities, expand the influence of the enterprise, develop a broader market. This time to visit the United States activities by local government warm in reception, over the years, the local government has been encouraging investors to invest in China, this time for the U. S. government and the national entrepreneurs provides a favorable opportunity, Chinese companies can introduce foreign advanced technology, the U. S. government may the development of local enterprises into the blood and create a win-win situation. Chinese entrepreneurs in the United States spent a happy week, during a silhouette is the Chinese consortium in the beautiful life. The picture shows Chinese investors in Washington, a cantonese restaurant for dinner. The picture shows the Dallas high school students are performing dance for Chinese guests. Chinese investors a souvenir store shopping on Capitol hill. The graph is Zhang Tongxuan ( CEO of royal wooden fang), In the United States Capitol hill before taking photos. The picture shows Chinese investors in Wisconsin governor walker ( ScottWalker) The residence of the photographs.
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