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China's packaging market is growing rapidly

by:LINYANG     2020-02-08

China has now become the largest packaging market in Asia. It is expected that the growth rate of China's packaging market from 2011 to 2016 will far exceed that of other Asian countries. In 2011, the total sales volume of China's packaging market reached 90 trillion US dollars. It is expected that China's packaging market will be 9. 5% per year in the next few years. The speed of 8% is growing rapidly.

Torsten Penkuhn, senior vice president of oil and petroleum products at BASF, said:'The trend of globalization has greatly lengthened the supply chain. Therefore, many people enter big cities one after another, where the consumption patterns and the demand for packaging are completely different. ' What these markets need is packaging products that can not only bring safety to consumers, but also protect products, and at the same time have the ability to develop sustainably. BASF exhibited two new products, Ultramid and Ecovio, at the 2012 China International rubber and plastic exhibition, which can be used in the packaging lining to prevent residual mineral oil from contacting the food itself.

oil products are used in cardboard packaging made of recycled paper. Penkuhn explained:' Even if the food is placed in a packaging box made of raw materials, oil may leak in from the packaging box next to it. '

In 2011, hard and flexible plastic packaging accounted for 33% of China's packaging material market. BASF expects this proportion to increase to 38% by 2016.

foreseeing this growth trend, many other manufacturers of materials and machinery and equipment have also introduced packaging solutions. At the exhibition, husky exhibited the latest high-performance packaging production line, while ABOG introduced a hybrid machine with plasticizing cylinder and separating screw, can be used for printing the inner and outer packaging of the Cup.

Max Man, general manager of Arberg's Shenzhen and Hong Kong branches, said in a statement:' Packaging is an important market for us, because high-tech production equipment with short cycle time and high production efficiency is indispensable for mass production of high-grade packaging products. '

The Packaging market has also become the focus of material manufacturers. ExxonMobil exhibited a series of packaging films at the exhibition. Bolu company introduced Borstar polyethylene blown film and Borclear polypropylene blown film, both of which are used in flexible packaging.

Lloyd Lowe, BASF Asia Pacific Packaging industry manager, said:' Nowadays, food safety supervision is becoming more and more strict, and food safety is everyone's responsibility. This is an indispensable and important part of the packaging market. '

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