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China's agricultural film industry has withstood a severe test

by:LINYANG     2020-01-26


'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' During this period, China's agricultural film industry has withstood the severe test and achieved a good situation of steady progress and prosperous production and sales. The structure of agricultural film products has been further optimized, and the market share of medium and high-end products represented by functional agricultural film has increased from 40% in 2011 to 50% now, realizing ahead of schedule. 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan'Planning objectives. This is the information that the reporter learned from the June 16 annual meeting of the China Plastics Industry Association agricultural film Committee held on 2014.

It is understood that up to now, there are nearly 70 thousand agricultural film production enterprises in China, with nearly 4 million employees and an annual total production capacity of nearly tons. The output of agricultural film in 2013 was 2. 4 million tons. Among them, the production of greenhouse film is close to 1. 1 million tons, covering an area of more than 58 million mu; The output of plastic film is 1. 31 million tons, covering an area of 3. 7. 3 billion mu. 2013 agricultural film industry performance good agricultural film production last year growth 13. 6%, sweep away the previous decline.

In addition,'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' Since then, China's large-scale backbone enterprises in the agricultural film industry have made great progress in equipment, technical level and new product development, and have approached or reached the world's advanced level. Among them, multi-layer co-extrusion technology and equipment have made breakthroughs and replaced imports, and the main performance has reached the international advanced level. Coating technology, development of coating liquid and coating equipment have all reached the international advanced level, becoming the third country in the world with independent property rights of long-term droplet atomizing agent; A series of functional greenhouse films such as self-developed light conversion films have also entered the world's advanced ranks in production, application and testing. The research and development of high-performance functional films broke the foreign monopoly and increased China's market share in high-end products.

Cao Zhiqiang, director of the China Plastics Association's agricultural Film Committee, believes that the agricultural film industry can suddenly emerge, and the central government'Three rural' The policy promotes land circulation, moderate concentration and large-scale operation, thus pulling up the domestic demand for agricultural film. With the acceleration of new urbanization and agricultural modernization, the agricultural film industry will continue to develop steadily and is expected to maintain a growth rate of more than 10% in the next few years. It is estimated that by 2015, the national agricultural film production will reach 2. 6 million tons, including 1. 2 million tons of greenhouse film and 1. 4 million tons of plastic film. The market share of medium and high-grade agricultural film products will reach 60%, compared with'Eleventh Five-Year Plan'The end improve natural 20 a percentage points.

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