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Chengdu launches plastic limit activities and advocates the use of degradable plastic bags

by:LINYANG     2020-01-27

March 6

excessive use of plastic shopping bags and inadequate recycling have caused serious waste of energy resources and environmental pollution. In particular, ultra-thin plastic shopping bags are easy to break, and most of them are discarded at will, becoming'White pollution'The main source. In response to these situations, Chengdu will take the lead of the Chengdu Development and Reform Commission to carry out plastic restriction activities in the city and advocate the use of degradable plastic bags. '

In the process of plastic restriction activities, merchants who produce and use unqualified plastic bags will be investigated and dealt with, the use of qualified but non-degradable plastic bags will be restricted, and the use of qualified degradable plastic bags will be advocated.

Ning Dexiang, secretary-general of Chengdu Farmers Market Association, said:' We will set up stalls in the city's farmer's market and distribute degradable plastic bags. '

degradable plastic bags are decomposed into small fragments in the air, and the degradation will continue until the small fragments are decomposed into molecular weight substances. In this way, plastic bags will not pollute the environment.

unfortunately,' There is no enterprise in Sichuan that has been approved by the State Environmental Protection Administration and can produce degradable plastic bags. 'Zhuang Weibing said. Many of the degradable plastic bags used now come from Chongqing.

It is reported that after this supervision and inspection, the municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce and the municipal Consumer Association will organize relevant enterprises and industry associations to hold symposiums to report the supervision and inspection, organize relevant industry associations to carry out industry self-discipline and issue brochures. For those who refuse to rectify, the municipal Development and Reform Commission will jointly carry out special rectification with relevant departments.

Chengdu consumers Association reminds consumers not to use ultra-thin plastic bags. First, the production of ultra-thin plastic bags is explicitly prohibited by the state. The raw materials used are unknown and the product quality cannot be guaranteed; Second, ultra-thin plastic bags are easy to break, easy to be discarded at will, and cannot be naturally degraded, causing great environmental pollution; Third, if you need to use a plastic bag, you should use the label'China's environmental Logo',' National standard plastic shopping bag GB/T'And'QS”Logo degradable plastic bag.

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