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Checkered PE film where there is a wholesale manufacturer?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-21
Checkered membrane, is short for checkered PE film, and the difference is that of protective film and other protective film coated in different ways, is with mesh protective film, is checkered protective film, can be widely used in stainless steel plate, aluminum, plastic sheet material and so on, has a good effect on, PE checkered film why so extensive USES, checker PE film manufacturer lam Yang technology for your detailed resolution: 1, the introduction, and protective film to PE mesh plastic film as the backing material, type cross-linking polyacrylic acid resin as adhesive, adding some special additives, preparation of debugging. The thickness of 0. 05, viscosity has slightly sticky, low viscosity, medium viscosity, high viscosity. Have two kinds of common and anti-static, color is transparent, red, and blue, etc. , different material surface protection can choose different type viscous force and specification of products. 2, features, soft, colorless transparent glue, a sticky can good, environmental non-toxic, using range is relatively wide. Checkered protective film 3 stainless steel sheet, PE and the range of application of membrane: mirror, grinding plate, color steel plate and steel hardware protection, etc. Aluminum: aluminum plate, coarse grained aluminum plate, aluminum, grind arenaceous aluminum extrusions, spraying, electrophoresis, spraying matte aluminum extrusions, coarse sand injection profile, etc. Electronic materials: guide plate, electronic screen, instrumentation, automotive instrumentation, shell surface such as surface and all kinds of household electrical appliances, air conditioning surface protection, titanium plate, etc. Plastic plate, organic glass panel, PVC panel, ABS light panels, light plastic board and plastic shell, all kinds of die cutting machining process protection. According to the above, we can learn, reticulate protective film can well, a viscous material safe non-toxic, so use very extensive.
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