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Characteristics required for the design and use of tarpaulins

by:LINYANG     2022-05-16
When designing and using the tarpaulin, the air permeability of the tarpaulin needs to be considered. The factors affecting the air permeability are related to the base fabric structure, density, material, type of waterproof finishing agent, and the amount of resin adhesion. Generally, the air permeability is mostly Products finished with paraffin or acrylonitrile resin. The tarpaulin has to bear various tensions when it is in use. When it is fixed, it must be under tension. During the use process, it must be affected by wind, rain, etc., which requires good tensile strength of the tarpaulin, and it is required to maintain the original star. Create, not easily deformed. As eaves Pengfang and large Pengfang, it is often used under tension, and the elongation of the fabric should not be too large, and its dimensional stability is determined by the creep characteristics of the material.
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