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Characteristics of PET release film

by:LINYANG     2020-02-21
The types of release films include: PET transparent release film, PET blue release film, PET Milky White release film, PET Red release film and PET fluoride release film. The cleanliness of the goods is high, and the service can be provided according to the customer's needs. The release film produced by the factory is stable. The factory introduces Taiwan production equipment. The cost performance of the release film is higher than that of domestic coating production 【400-6666-322] The release film does not drop silicon, and has a certain popularity in the profession. It is the preferred manufacturer for you to buy PET release film. Application scale of PET release film: PET release film is mainly used in electrical, insulation, packaging, magnet container, film, image tape, floppy disk, film, video and entertainment software, etc; It is widely used, such as bronzing film, aluminum film, printing film, packaging film, packaging materials, composite materials, laser anti-counterfeiting composite film, drawing paper, electrical insulation materials and capacitors. PET release film is used in the manufacturing and demand of backlight die-cutting profession with high clean demand: PET release film used in backlight die-cutting is made by coating silicone oil release substance on its outer surface; The surface of the film is flat and bright, without wrinkles, tears, particles, bubbles, pinholes and other defects; The product has excellent release stability, the release film can be adjusted according to the use of the paste, can produce solvent-free, and high viscosity is used in conjunction with non-adhesive, easy to peel off.
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