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Characteristics of PET film and PVC film

by:LINYANG     2020-02-19

polyester film (PET)

polyester film is an ultra-transparent film with excellent dimensional stability. Its excellent visual performance and relatively thin thickness make it an excellent choice for the application field of 'label-free' labels.

12 micron PET film can be used as surface composite material. The appearance of high quality and its protective function are reflected in this material at the same time. The 50 micron PET label film can be used on packaging bodies sensitive to water, grease and chemicals.

Although PET does not belong to polyolefin, it can be effectively recovered, granulated and made into fibers, films and PET bottles after cleaning and shredding.

polyvinyl chloride film (pvc)

The main feature of pvc film is the diversity in color, thickness and hardness. The current PVC raw materials do not contain heavy metals, but softeners are still used. The chemical structure of PVC determines that this material is suitable for outdoor use (2 to 7 years of outdoor use validity). Because PVC film contains chloride, its environmental compatibility and recyclability have long been controversial.

in the plastic label, polyethylene (PE)And polypropylene (PP)Due to its relatively wide processing temperature range (To 260 °C) And excellent mechanical and rheological properties have become the most widely used plastic label substrates.

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