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Characteristics and application of PVC Heat Shrinkable film bag

by:LINYANG     2020-02-18


PVC Heat Shrinkable film bag is the most commonly used Heat Shrinkable Material in heat sealing packaging. Through hot air blowing, the heat-shrinkable film with high transparency can cling to the surface of the article, so as to improve the product grade, prevent dust and moisture, and make the article show a new perfect packaging effect. Heat Shrinkable film packaging, the operation method is simple and easy to learn, just prepare a hair dryer, usually can be done well at home. If you add a sealing machine, you can make a better packaging effect.

Characteristics and usage of pvc Heat Shrinkable film bag


put the articles to be packaged directly into the shrink film, cut to the appropriate length and seal the opening (Can also not seal); Then, use a household hair dryer (The heat is hot, you can) Blow it evenly, and the Heat Shrinkable film will naturally shrink along the surface of the object; Finally, it is tightly attached to the surface of the article to achieve the perfect effect of body-fitting packaging. Tip: If you don't need to seal, blow the unsealed edge first and then blow other parts. Try to put the sealing line at the bottom or inconspicuous position for better results.

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