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Champions travel, panlong gorge seven xinghu selves

by:LINYANG     2020-03-17
Lang lang at the end of October, sunny day, my company's outstanding employees a line of five people, cheerfully came to the zhaoqing city famous attractions 'panlong gorge', two days in the family in panlong gorge, seven xinghu to travel, eat hot spring to admire the view, sought for the local cuisine, also visited the known as 'one of the four famous inkstone' guangdong province, in the xijiang river 'white stone village' museum appreciate the wonderful artical excelling nature of guangdong province. Dear friends, let's look what are wonderful: on Saturday morning, starting against the sunrise! At noon, arrived in panlong gorge scenic area. Rode along the winding mountain road after the summit, came to the scenic spot. Streams on the bottom, fast-flowing, as the company's business rushes on. Talking and laughing all the way, the scenic spot is beautiful. All the way along the stone steps down the mountain, to master, pour down the waterfall, spectacular. Field at the foot of the mountain is crown rainbow of flowers in full bloom, less plant flower plant grass can't take photos, rainbow flower field and its distinctive cabin, to stay, the trip was a bit tight, bloomy spring of next year, we will about to visit the beautiful scenery, into the outdoor swimming pool, bubble hot spring to relax, inconvenient to take pictures here, please make your own beautiful imagination into full play. Dinner eat here oh, forest canopy of dining-room, small corner, and leisure, real number. For us version gens, come to zhaoqing must eat, is the famous bamboo SPAR powder, late-night partying until ~ replete, night slumbers. The next day, came to the beautiful scenery, dust of seven xinghu rent a bike for a ride, that feel are sexy. Forget, forget your good, won't forget your beauty. Ship into the lake, sightseeing drooling over the seven seazan over this one pond water. Parade is difficult to stop, pose show, steps have to return to rock. Asiaworld-expo drove China's guangdong province, the edge of xijiang breed a good ink stone, picturesque scenery of zhaoqing, the unique cultural atmosphere let us linger. Only two days, the time is really too fast. One hundred years too long, seize every minute! A visit you all dear friends continue to work hard, the more splendid!
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