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Carpet protective film

by:LINYANG     2019-12-24

carpet protective film

Application Scope: mainly used for carpet and carpet-like decorative surfaces (Such as wall surface); The protection of the carpet in the car, the decorative surface of the carpet, and the surface of the fiber-based seat. Color type: Transparent, black and white, white (Milky White)Blue. Colors can also be customized according to user requirements or templates. Main technical performance of carpet protective film: 1. Paste Performance Test: Easy to paste on the surface of the object, leaving no residual glue: a. Bend 90 degrees with the object, do not break, do not fall off; B. After tearing off the paint film Zibao cable test, no residual glue is left on the paint film surface. 2. Load Test: 360span5 degrees- 50 degrees to withstand the load of/SPCM2, after stripping, the glue does not leave the surface. 3. Ultraviolet aging test: under the condition of 50 degrees, 300w ultraviolet lamp will not crack or deform after irradiation for 60 h, and there will be no residual marks on the surface after tearing. 4. Wet heat aging test: 60 Degrees + 80% = 240H will not fall off, no residual glue will be left after stripping, and the surface will not be corroded.

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