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Car painting with protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-12
Cover protective film, so the name implies is mainly to prevent car, bus, truck, ship, train, container, aircraft, machinery and furniture in spray paint to prevent paint leakage, by way of sticker. Spraying cover protective film can be thoroughly with paper and the crepe paper improve the traditional method. At all new and old newspapers covered with paper scraps, dusty, paint the parts with paint sticky, have to rework. And U. S. profile of paper tape also need to waste a lot of time in the newspaper, and newspaper width and length limited interface still need to add adhesive tape, so artificial cost plus tape cost than the new cover film cost is low. Contrary to cover membrane clean, anti-seepage paint, waterproof, small volume, use very convenient. Need 2 - often sticky newspaper 3 people can finish the work now has only one person in a short period of time to complete, high quality so as to greatly improve the work efficiency, save time and manpower, and cost savings for the enterprise, is the industry of choice for large area coating cover material. Shield film is PE film as the backing material, the composite adhesive tape on the above. Cover protective film is mainly used as follows: cars, ships, or is mainly used in automobiles, ships, trains, cab, furniture, and other products such as spray paint covered in the paint, barrier coating and indoor decoration. Product characteristic points ( 1) Reverse become warped surface resistance and good heat resistance, adhesive ability. ( 2) Saving cost, convenient use, effectively solve the large painting faces various problems. ( 3) To metal, plastic, floor, wall and glued body has excellent bonding performance.
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