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Car maintenance expert European Xiong teaches you how to distinguish the quality of car film

by:LINYANG     2020-01-22


recently, Chongqing'Gold wrench' The city's auto maintenance skills competition was held at the Chongqing traffic vocational training center in Lushan district. After the competition, the organizing committee expert ou Guoxiong also specially taught the car owners to identify the pros and cons of the car film. Let's follow the steps of experts and learn how to distinguish the quality of automobile films.

1. Touch: good quality film feels smoother, inferior film feels rough and grainy.

2. Smell: generally poor film, pungent smell at close range; If you can't smell it, you can use fire. When burning, there is a pungent smell indicating that there is a chemical in the membrane.

3. Check: The film of a good brand has an electronic warranty card with a shelf life of 5 years. The installation and construction points are recorded and can be inquired.

ou Guoxiong also reminded the people present that after the film is pasted, do not switch the window within two or three days to avoid friction affecting the film effect. In addition, it takes a period of time for the film glue to dry out, so do not open the rear block for defogging within two or three days after the film is applied in winter, which is easy to cause bubbles in the film.

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