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Car film foaming the do?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-22


Many car lovers will have such doubts--Car film foaming the do? A few days ago, when the reporter applied the film to the vehicle, he found that the film maker in the store used a special hard squeeze water sheet to remove bubbles and particles along a certain edge. This process took a long time. This is because when the film is applied, if the bubbles and particles at the door side are not removed, the corner of the film may be blistered in a short time.

What should I do if the car film bubbles?

after buying a car for a week, Miss Liu was a little depressed:'I just bought a car and went to the film the next day. However, a few days later, I found serious wrinkling at the film corners of the right side window. I began to suspect that there was a quality problem with my explosion-proof film, and I confirmed it to the experts I knew. As a result, I was told that there was no quality problem, because the film I pasted was a low-end product, this kind of product has higher requirements on the film sticking technology, but the beauty shop responsible for the film sticking did not master it well during the construction process, thus causing the phenomenon of corner foaming within a few days of the film sticking. ' Therefore, after buying a car, consumers should not only choose film products that ensure quality, but also consider the construction process level of the other party.

The treatment method for foaming of automobile film is very simple. A pin can be used to pierce a small hole in the bubble, and then the glass is smoothed with a cloth, the bubbles will disappear.

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