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Can waterproof tarpaulin be reused -? News Center-Lin-Yang dishcloth factory

by:LINYANG     2019-10-24
Can waterproof tarpaulin be reused? Usually, when we travel, we may temporarily set up tents. At this time, we will use waterproof tarpaulin, but how do we deal with it after use? Especially after many uses, are they thrown away? The following tarpaulin factory tells everyone that waterproof tarpaulin can be recycled. In fact, this is a very serious problem. Generally, some temporary living places built with tarpaulin may be saved for the next time when they are not used, but there is a slight hole, there are also problems such as rain and dirt, which will make the tent particularly dirty. At this time, we will definitely choose to throw it away. In fact, we should consider recycling these tarpaulins. For some undamaged rain-proof tarpaulin, we can directly clean them and store them after drying them for the next use. If there is a hole in the tricycle tarpaulin and it is not too small, we can collect the cloth and make other materials. Now everyone hopes to have a green and environment-friendly environment, and many enterprises are also responding to the national call to develop towards environmental protection. Our cloth factory is committed to the recycling of cloth, I hope to have a good road to sustainable development.
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