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Can plastic bags be recycled?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-31


A few days ago, several NPC deputies and CPPCC National Committee members respectivelyPlastic Limit' Suggestions are made, such as appropriately charging the expenses of large plastic bag users, strengthening the restriction of plastic shopping bags, and legislating to implement urban garbage classification. The suggestions of several deputies cannot be said to be bad. Look at the plastic bags that have been thrown away everywhere. It is really uncomfortable for people to look at them. 'Plastic Limit'It is necessary.

but'Plastic Limit Order'Has been implemented for many years, what is the effect? Plastic bags are still invincible in the world. 'Plastic Limit Order' In fact, they are in a dilemma with smoking bans and so on. Even food hygiene and safety issues have not been well done, and fake and shoddy products have not been properly managed. 'Plastic Limit Order'What is it?

I read an article from the recent 'Reference News'. A new study by the British Environment Agency found that compared with cotton bags and disposable paper bags, those thin plastic bags have a smaller carbon footprint. Use a cotton bag more than 131 times to reduce its carbon footprint to as low as a regular plastic bag. This means,'Plastic Limit'Not necessarily the best green proposition.

I think, maybe we can solve the problem of plastic bags from another angle. Can we consider recycling plastic bags? Even if the plastic bags in the country can be recycled in half, it may be equivalent to the resources of several mines, and it is not difficult to recycle plastic bags. This may be more than promoting'Plastic Limit Order'It can make us walk into green life faster.

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