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Buy a large screen protective film which should pay attention to details

by:LINYANG     2020-03-05
Details of master to buy protective film, are more likely to buy the right, the right protective film products, especially when buying screen protection film, know the performance of the protective film from various angles, a few small details are often more can prove that the merits of the protective film. Large size screen protective film is now a special products, digital products mobile phone, computer, tablet, LCD TV, digital camera, primarily to protect the display screen of the products will not be scratched, but believe a lot of people don't understand the screen protective film, don't know how to choose when buy the screen protective film, so the price can only be used to measure. In fact, some of the common screen protection film role also can block to block dust, less than scratch-resistant role, so in this protective film manufacturers of good and evil people mixed up some fake protective film on the market, so we need to know the following screen protection film. First of all we know is light transmittance of a screen protection film, or affix then I can't see clearly the screen content, but does the clerk would say when buy this light transmittance of the best, 99% light transmittance, actually from the relevant information and materials according to the best on the market of mobile phone screen protective film is highest light transmittance of 95%. Second is the wear-resisting degree of screen protection film, it is a kind of after hardening treatment effect is generally just to 3. 5 to 3 h. 8 h between wear-resisting degree, and on the market often claimed to be '4 h wear-resisting degree'.
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