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Building Wraps Have Advertising Wrapped Up

by:LINYANG     2020-08-29

As traditional press and TV advertising is beginning to lose the hold it once had on consumers, brands have to come up with increasingly innovative ways to attract the attention of potential customers. This has resulted in renewed interest in Out Of Home advertising.

As the ultimate OOH format, building wrap advertising is currently experiencing a boom. What is a building wrap? A building wrap is the largest type of outdoor advertising which covers at least one side of a building, and may sometimes even envelop an entire building in exterior or window graphics. Depending on the intended usage, building wraps can be made from translucent materials such as one way vision film, PVC or a lightweight mesh. Most building wraps in UK are printed on PVC mesh which is available in rolls up to 5m wide. After printing individual panels are joined together as required to produce the finished structure wrap.

Advantages of the method

Because of its prominence and high visibility, a huge poster on a structure can be one of the most effective forms of big advertising. The sheer size makes it impossible to ignore - it grabs the attention and captures the interest of everyone who catches sight of it, even from a distance.

Whether applied as a permanent decoration or intended as a temporary installation, perhaps to promote a product launch or event, a structure wrap is capable of transforming a plain brick wall or concrete surface into an edgy and dramatic modern art form which displays a bold advertising message for all to see.

Main uses

Building wraps are highly versatile and lend themselves to many applications:

Advertising - The sheer size of a building wrap captures the attention of passers-by, creating awareness and reinforcing the marketing message. Studies show the high impact of a building wrap produces very cost effective results. This is why building wraps are now widely employed by most advertising agencies. Major brands are also aware of the unrivalled efectiveness of a building wrap. John Lewis, sponsors of the 2012 Olympics, famously wrapped their flagship Oxford Street store in graphics depicting the Union flag during the Games to proclaim their support for British athletes. This was a memorable campaign that helped build a brand.

Aesthetics - The eye-catching designs in vibrant colours typically found on a building wrap will enhance the appearance of any structure it is displayed on and can even be used to disguise ugly scaffolding.

Information - Applying a structure wrap to scaffolding around new-build sites or to the facade of a structure that is being renovated can be used to provide passers- by with an impression of what the finished structure will look like. This will generate interest in the building project and increase sales or rentals when the construction work is completed.

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