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Building glass explosion-proof field Film methods

by:LINYANG     2019-12-24

building glass explosion-proof protective film often requires on-site construction. Many people are not familiar with the method of on-site Film pasting. The protective film manufacturer ichuan film can share it here briefly:

(1) Preparatory work: arrange the construction work space on site, remove the items near the window, protect the on-site equipment, determine the sequence of explosion-proof membrane, arrange the time of explosion-proof membrane, and issue the construction form to the terminal manager, ask them to provide guidance; Tool preparation; Material preparation.

(2) Clean the glass: thoroughly remove the residual glue, stains, dust, sticky paper, etc. on the glass, including the dust on the window frame, and carefully clean the curtain wall. This workload accounts for 70% of the explosion-proof membrane workload (3) Film cutting: according to the actual window size with very little loss (According to the ingredients prepared in advance)Cut the film. Remove the protective film from the fixing frame, rinse or moisten the film. (4) Explosion-proof membrane: the membrane is generally attached to the inside of the glass window of the room. Sprinkle water evenly on the glass with a sprayer and sprinkle water on the membrane. Place the membrane on the glass, A special scraper is used to fix the film on the glass in a certain way, and the scraper will remove almost all bubbles so that the film is tightly bonded to the glass. (5) Cleaning film: Clean the explosion-proof film glass with clear water and wiper strips. (6) Check the explosion-proof membrane and find that the difference is carefully corrected and re-attached if necessary. (7) Dow Corning neutral weather-resistant adhesive and sealant are used to seal the periphery of the film (Each can be)To prevent human damage. (8) Clean up the environment in the construction area and reset the original facilities. (9) Provide cleaning methods and product after-sales service quality guarantee.

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