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Bubble film can be used for medical testing

by:LINYANG     2020-01-22


According to information, george Whitesides from the Weiss Institute at Harvard University and his team have invented a new cheap way to test medicine and environmental samples, mainly using inflatable plastic flexible packaging films, commonly known as bubble films.

George Whitesides from the Weiss Institute of Harvard University and his team came up with this idea when visiting laboratories in developing countries, because some laboratories cannot even afford basic equipment.

' Bubble film packaging materials often appear in the laboratory, because other equipment will use this kind of packaging when shipping. Bubble film has several characteristics, making it very suitable for packaging liquid samples: a variety of sizes are available, bubbles are distributed according to laws, and are very useful in parallel multi-bubble tests. At the same time, this kind of packaging is transparent and sealed. ' Dionysios Christodouleas, a member of the Whitesides team, said.

New application of bubble film in medical testing

The team used plastic bubbles on bubble film packaging as containers to analyze and detect anemia and diabetes while storing microorganisms.

In a paper published in July, the team pointed out that they used injection needles to place samples. 'Air pocket'Then seal it with nail polish.

' In the course of work, we also found that the interior of the bubble is sterile, which further expands the application field to biological sample storage, bacterial culture and biological sample analysis. ' Christodouleas said.

although the application of bubble film is limited and the process of filling bubbles requires the use of syringes or pipettes and sealants, the team is still full of confidence in its future.

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