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Briefly describe the surface treatment of PVC film

by:LINYANG     2020-06-18

As a plastic polymer, pvc is a more practical material. This material can form soft pvc films and hard pvc construction materials due to different doses of plasticizers. It can be seen how big its hardness change is. . When it comes to PVC, in fact, the film it forms also needs to be treated on the surface. Before talking about the surface properties and treatment of PVC films, let ’s first understand the application of PVC films in various industries. In China ’s plastic film industry, PVC films are the most widely used. More than 9% growth rate, as more and more new materials, more and more new equipment, the demand for pvc film will definitely increase! 

Plastic film is also widely used in packaging lines, because it is generally used for food packaging, electrical product packaging, clothing packaging, etc. They have one thing in common, that is, they will use PVC transparent film for color printing, and among them, food The packaging also needs to be operated by vacuum aluminum plating process. The factors are that the surface of the plastic film has a high degree of freedom and the requirements for tension are also very high. The surface of the film must have certain properties that can prevent the film from linking or slipping. When used in the packaging of electrical appliances and electronic products, the pvc film must have certain anti-static properties! In terms of performance, this material is more prominent among polymers.    

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