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Briefly describe the application scope of stretch film packaging

by:LINYANG     2020-01-15


The most important thing is that stretch film packaging can be applied to the environment, which puts safety, protection, work efficiency and cost accounting in the first place.

1. Fixed

through fixed packaging, the packaging of heavy and irregular products will be faster and more effective than traditional methods. The fixity of pre-stretched film packaging enables pre-stretched films to replace some unattractive packaging materials, such as baling tapes, protective plastic foam and cardboard.

The fixed package can fix the product on a stable base, and the fixed force of the film can prevent the product from moving, thus eliminating the damage to the product caused by this. Stretch film packaging, you can choose the correct packaging force. For special products, the suitable pre-stretching amount and packaging layer number can be selected to fix and protect heavy goods by measuring the packaging force of the film, no matter what size, weight and shape it is.

In addition, the simple usability of film packaging will save Labor, and its protective characteristics will keep products clean and safe during transportation and storage.

2. Compressibility

in terms of compressibility of stretch film packaging, it basically replaces the commonly used packaging materials, such as string, adhesive tape, strap strip, its working principle is to wrap the corresponding parts of the product with the packaging force of the film, the withering packaging force can tightly stick hard products together or form a stronger and tighter packaging body for softer products.

although the stretch film provides strong packaging force, it does not have sticky and sharp edges like adhesive tape and strap strip, so as not to cause any damage to the product.

The Stretch Film is tightly attached to the product, so that the tensile force is distributed throughout the product, avoiding stress concentration (Harmful to the product) , And can accurately control the winding force to make it suitable for products. At the same time, the stretched film can be quickly, safely and easily removed from the product.

3. Primary protection

primary protection packaging regards film packaging as a kind of product protection, such: protect products from environmental damage and are mistakenly loaded and unloaded during transportation.

when regarded as a primary protection, stretch film is the most ideal substitute for plastic bags, foam, shrink film and paper boxes. It is more economical and easy to operate, and become a compact package.

as a basic internal package, stretch the film to form an effective barrier, thus achieving the purpose of dust prevention, oil prevention and moisture prevention, it forms a light, protective appearance around the product and ensures that they remain their original appearance when they arrive at their destination. In addition, the dustproof and tear resistance of the film provides a special protection method for the product, and the high transparency can easily identify the contents of the packaged product.

4. Products suitable for stretch film packaging

products suitable for stretch film packaging include: cloth and soft materials, polyester materials, electronic accessories, building materials, furniture prefabricated boards, reel boards, metal Products, wires, hoses, steel wires, bagged, boxed, canned food, industrial motors, light equipment devices. Building materials such as ceramic tiles, light industrial products such as glassware, doors, windows, cigarette industry, medicine and cosmetics.

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