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Brief introduction of rainproof cloth

by:LINYANG     2020-05-30
Rainproof cloth double-sided waterproof, four corners with single fold edge heat seal, the rope is fixed along the edge, for recreational vehicles, trucks, boats, construction sites, firewood, also includes trucks, trailers, equipment, ground, emergency rescue, painting Wait for coverage. Rainproof cloth has the advantages of waterproof, cold protection, sun protection, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, durable, pressure resistance, folding resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, economical benefits and so on. The product is suitable for storage, construction, various tents, cannon clothing, factories and mines, seaports, various greenhouses, transportation vehicles, ships, aircraft and other transportation vehicles and open-air goods for cover and protection purposes. The working principle of waterproof fabric: In the state of water vapor, the water particles are very fine. According to the principle of capillary motion, the water can penetrate into the capillary to the other side smoothly, so that the phenomenon of steam permeation occurs. When the water vapor condenses into water droplets, the particles become larger. Due to the surface tension of the water droplets (the water molecules 'pull against each other'), the water molecules cannot smoothly leave the water droplets and penetrate to the other side, which is to prevent Water penetration occurs, making the vapor-permeable membrane waterproof.
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