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Brief introduction of plastic film for buildings or structures

by:LINYANG     2020-01-27


One of the main uses of plastic film in construction is to block moisture. For example, PE film is widely used as lightweight tarpaulin cover material or equipment. Compared with ordinary canvas tarpaulin, PE film is not only light in weight, but also easy to spread and collect, but because it is relatively light, it will also cause trouble in case of strong wind. Therefore, it must be fixed firmly when in use. Another great advantage of PE tarpaulin is transparency, which makes it easy to view the covered goods without uncovering the tarpaulin. In addition, PE film can cover buildings. Such as unfinished windows, or covering the entire unfinished site. This cover can not only ensure construction, but also be cheaper than other methods. And transparent, does not affect the operation. It can also be fixed on a scaffold or frame. However, no matter which method is used, the influence of strong winds must be considered.

Brief introduction of plastic film for buildings or structures

PE and pvc film can be placed at the bottom of brick wall as moisture-proof layer to prevent underground moisture from rising along the foundation of brick wall. The traditional method uses asphalt, but it is more convenient to sigh. Film can also be used at the top of the wall to prevent moisture. In addition, in order to provide temporary protection and shielding measures, inflatable buildings made of thin films with vents have emerged. The materials used for inflatable buildings are generally laminated materials. Such as PET and pvc composite film, in order to make it have the necessary strength, under relatively low pressure, this structure is rigid and can be used as the protection of warehouses and structures, cover of exhibition hall, swimming pool and tennis court. When selecting materials for various purposes, the climatic conditions during use, the requirements for rigidity, and the cost for different structures and sizes should be considered. Other aspects include the aerodynamics of the designed structure to adapt the size and shape of the internal structure space to the stable state of aerodynamics. The pressure after snow in winter is also a climatic factor to be considered. There are other factors such as opening doors, heating, ventilation equipment, load distribution, etc.

LDPE film is helpful to the curing of cement. After placing LDPE film on cement and adding water, it can control the evaporation of water and preserve the heat release of hydrolysis. In this way, the curing of cement is easier to control. It is easy to obtain a structure with high strength and uniformity. However, this technology is not suitable for cement pavement, because cement pavement requires certain brush marks to avoid slipping. If the film is placed on the cement surface very early, the brush marks can be eliminated.

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