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Brief introduction of front finishing of polyvinyl chloride film

by:LINYANG     2020-01-13


What are the types of front coating of polyvinyl chloride film?

(1) Colored coating, a colored coating containing filler can be applied to polyvinyl chloride film, and the cost of using these coatings is quite high, if cheap materials are used, the color and quality of the coating cannot be guaranteed, especially in terms of umbilical resistance.

colorless matting paint and bright paint cannot make the surface have the desired extinction degree or brightness only by formula or processing method. Most of them are coated with a thin layer of paint film made of polymethyl methacrylate or polyvinyl chloride solution on a paint roller. The paint film is bright after drying, and an additional matting agent is required to achieve the purpose of matting.

Introduction to front finishing of polyvinyl chloride film

(2) Anti-fouling coating, if the soft PVC film is rolled with a deep pattern, the surface is extremely easy to absorb dust and impurities. The softer the film, the more sticky and moist the surface is, which causes very small particles to adhere to the surface of the film. It can be used to prevent fouling by applying a topcoat on the film. This cover finish is often made on the basis of polymethyl methacrylate.

polyurethane surface finishing agent has achieved obvious effect in actual production. After using it, it can not only obtain better hand feeling, but also avoid the defects of easy adhesion and easy dirt on the surface, it can also improve the wear resistance of the surface layer. Covering topcoat can greatly improve the antifouling performance of polyvinyl chloride film with excessive plasticizer content, which is a common technical measure to obtain better use effect.

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