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Brief introduction of flocking process for polyvinyl chloride film

by:LINYANG     2020-01-13


colored fibers can be flocked on the entire surface of polyvinyl chloride film or in the form of pattern patterns, giving the product a velvety feeling. When flocking, apply a layer of adhesive first, and then plant the fiber velvet in the undried adhesive layer. Flocking is carried out mechanically, and the velvet layer feels like a felt structure. If flocking in a high voltage electrostatic field, the fluff will be vertically implanted on the sizing surface of the film at an equal distance. After the adhesive is dried, the velvet is firmly fixed (Figure 4-57) In this way, a uniform velvety fine wool layer is formed. Velvet can be divided into different types according to color, fiber length, weight and fiber type.

Full lint (0. 2 ~ 2mm) After planting, it will give people a feeling of suede, velvet over 2mm long will give people a feeling of velvet, and longer fibers will give the surface a feeling of plush.

cashmere is mainly cotton, rayon and nylon fibers after grinding and cutting. The molded products can also be flocked, and the method of coating adhesive and the method of flocking are distinguished by the different mechanical equipment used. The adhesive can be coated or sprayed. The flocking method can be used in the velvet box with a sieve or with a fluff projector. The film can be velvet in the case of continuous movement forward.

The adhesive used is still flexible after film formation, and thermoplastic or synthetic rubber adhesive will harden locally after cross-linking components are added. However, the water resistance and solvent resistance of the adhesive are improved.

fleece has good wear resistance. Flocking can not only improve the appearance of the product, but also greatly improve the use value of the product.

glass beads, leather fibers, metal powder, etc. can also be added to the surface of the film to obtain a velvet effect.

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