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Blue PE protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-19
PE protective film blue point is blue polyester film as the main base material, and thus to identify the product on colour is relatively simple, and more common in our daily life, to bright protective film products, its thickness is 50 um - normally 125 um between, on the viscosity can be divided into including three kinds of viscosity. And blue PE protective film is often used in a variety of electrical and electronic products such as photos, the first fixed, the effect is temporary and the wear, scratch-resistant and dustproof effect, at the same time also has high temperature resistance, scratch resistance and no residue glue features such as, on the corrosion resistance performance is good. Due to the use range is very wide blue PE protective film, are more common in the plastic packaging professional, one of silica gel to glue adhesion agent, because, in performance and plastic film and protective film of the viscosity is similar, so the scope of use will also be increased due to the change of protective film to present. PE protective film on the one-side coated blue, however, is the use of acrylic pressure sensitive glue, can arrive at 9 in the stripping force n / 25 mm, and the tensile strength can reach 140 n / 25 mm, the whole material on the elongation can guarantee over 80%, resistance to temperature can guarantee above 150 ℃, no any residual glue off. Because blue PE protective film on the physical and chemical performance is outstanding, and talent so widely used, but after organic silicon through modification, at the same time in weather resistance, and keep the light and color preserving performance are improved, and the phenomenon of pulverization, very not easy on the glossiness is good. So blue PE protective film is often used in metal sheet on the package, or all kinds of mechanical equipment, the effect of using also are significant, and blue pet protective film will also be in electronic professional, due to the problems to be spliced and fixed in the production of useful processing, in different professions and category has a significant role in advising.
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