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Blue and white tent why call South Korea tarpaulins _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-03-23
Blue and white tent we now call PE tarpaulins, mostly older people are referred to as the 'South Korea tarpaulins, tarpaulin factory would explain the origin of the south Korean tarpaulins for everyone. Is a classification of South Korea cloth is a kind of tent, the formation of blue and white, is one of the most commonly used tarpaulins. As one of the four Asian tigers last century, South Korea ( At that time to become South Korea) , more rapid development in PE tarpaulins, technology is advanced, is used widely in the world at the time, so called South Korea materals, the earliest analysis is made for the sails, restricted by the ancient tools and production technology and is often a relatively thick cotton or linen fabric, low to the requirement of appearance, requiring only on solid degrees. Today's tent nature not only focus on quality, appearance is also very important. Tarpaulin, http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/cover not only used to hoard goods in a warehouse, avoid the influence on the quality of the goods, water and air can also be used to cover of car, ensure that more and more intense ultraviolet light and the sun will not too much influence on the car interior, also to a certain extent can protect car parts
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