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Biodegradable plastic film has broad market prospects

by:LINYANG     2020-01-17


in order to reduce the environmental pollution caused by plastic films, people have developed some environment-friendly green degradable plastic films, such: paper-like degradable plastic film and its manufacturing process, biodegradable plastic resin and method for film products thereof. This kind of biodegradable plastic film consists of film grade plastic and components that can cause plastic degradation, such as starch, calcium carbonate, etc. This degradable plastic film is an additive degradable plastic film, the additive degradable plastic film has played a positive role in improving the environment. However, the processing performance of this degradable plastic film is not good, and the physical properties and appearance of the plastic film products are poor.

biodegradable plastics are one of the effective ways to control the environmental pollution caused by plastic wastes and buffer the contradiction between petroleum resources. From food packaging bags to agricultural films, then to the shell of electronic and electrical products, from disposable packaging, edible products to durable products, biodegradable plastics are gradually replacing traditional plastic materials, and the market prospect is very broad. According to reports, there are currently dozens of biodegradable plastics developed worldwide. The main varieties are: polyhydroxy fatty acid esters (PHA, PHB, PHBV, etc), Chemically synthesized polylactic acid (PLA) , Polycaprolactone, dialcohol dicarboxylic acid aliphatic polyester (PBS) , Aliphatic/aromatic copolyester, C02/epoxy compound copolymer (APC)Polycaprolactone (PCL)Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) Natural Polymer starch-based plastics and their biodegradable plastic blends, plastic alloys, etc. At present, starch-based plastics, PHA (PHB, PHBV, PHBH-HX, etc) , PLA, PBS, APC, modified PVAjg powder/PVA, PLA, PCL and other plastic alloys and blends.

Biodegradable plastic film has a broad market prospect

In addition, the degradation of this degradable plastic film requires certain fixed conditions, while the environment after the plastic film is discarded, it is either in a closed garbage disposal system or exposed to a natural environment with unstable conditions, which makes it difficult to preserve the fixed conditions required for the degradation of this plastic film, these degradable plastics cannot degrade well in most cases, whether in garbage disposal systems or in the natural environment due to conditions.

as we all know, plastic bags made of plastic film are light, thin, impervious to water, strong and low in cost, and are a good packaging material, the use of plastic bags has brought great convenience to people's lives, but a large number of discarded plastic bags have become a serious problem that pollutes the environment at present. The emergence of biodegradable plastic film has effectively alleviated environmental problems, and its promotion and use have a long way to go.

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