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Biodegradable Ecovio F Mulch film can be completely decomposed in 3 months

by:LINYANG     2020-01-17

BASF recently developed a new biodegradable Ecovio F Mulch film.

The new biodegradable Ecovio F Mulch film can be used in agricultural greenhouses and urban industrial composting projects and has been applied in Germany.

The mulch film made of the biodegradable material is thinner than the traditional PE film but has the same performance. Biodegradable Ecovio F Mulch films have been optimized for agricultural applications and need not be remodified in production.

It is reported that after the plastic film is used in an agricultural greenhouse, the crops can be buried in the soil together with the residue after harvest and completely decomposed within 3 months, thereby greatly saving time and labor costs.

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