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biaxially oriented polypropylene (bopp) capacitor film| huge applications|dominating market players| industry trends

by:LINYANG     2019-10-24
According to the report \"BOPP (
2-way tensile polypropylene)
Capacitor film market by thickness (
3 m, 4 ~ 6 m, 7 ~ 9 m, 10 ~ 12 m, 13 ~ 15 m,> 15 m)
According to the application (
Power Conversion station for locomotives, automobiles and industries)
2017-Industry Trends, Forecasts and forecasts
2025 \"in 2016, the power station has gained the highest market share in the global BOPP capacitor film market.
Of the major regions, North America was the highest-grossing market in 2016, with a market share of nearly 30%.
\"Film capacitors are a large class of capacitors that vary depending on their dielectric properties.
More than 50% of the film capacitors are manufactured through a two-way stretch polypropylene film because of its high electrostatic capacitance, low loss factor, and low self
Heating properties.
The application of BOPP capacitor film in many industries such as consumer electronics, energy and power, automobiles and locomotives has surged, so it has great growth opportunities.
\"During the forecast period in 2016, the automotive industry offered profitable opportunities and witnessed impressive growth rates, with the power converter station receiving the highest revenue.
However, the rapid application of film capacitors in the automotive industry is expected to provide a high growth rate for the industry.
The increasing demand for energy conservation and alternative energy has led to the acceleration of products such as hybrids and electric vehicles.
Film Capacitors play a vital role in the manufacture and operation of automobiles, and it is expected that this area will provide profitable opportunities for market participants and improve product efficiency.
The thinner BOPP Film is attractive in the next few years due to its unique properties. Applications of film for capacitor manufacturing are increasing.
With the decrease of the thickness of the BOPP Film, the electrostatic capacitance of the capacitor increases.
Generally, for the manufacture of capacitors, a film with a thickness of less than 7 m is preferred.
The 3 m segment is expected to grow at the highest compound growth rate of 5.
14% during the Forecast period.
The emergence of thinner BOPP capacitor films has led to the emergence of film capacitors in the field of new energy and energy vehicles.
To learn more about the report, visit atBOPP (
2-way tensile polypropylene)
Global Capacitor film market: Scale, Share, Growth, trend, forecast 2017-
2025 North America has become a market leader because several industries in North America account for nearly 30% of global market revenue.
The region is expected to remain dominant throughout the forecast period.
Electronic industry is one of the main contributors to the economic development of the United States. S.
Some electronic products are composed of high efficiency film capacitors, which have the best performance.
As a result, the growth of the electronics industry has driven the growth of the BOPP capacitor film market in the region.
In addition, the soaring trend of electric vehicles in North America has also driven market growth, which is expected to continue in the next few years.
North American BOPP capacitor film market by use, 2012-
2022 BOPP capacitor film manufacturers are working to improve the dielectric properties of the BOPP Film to meet the enhanced needs of a wide range of capacitor applications.
Fluctuations in the price of raw materials led to fluctuations in the price of BOPP Films, which in turn affected the income of market participants.
Compared with domestic market sales, market participants received a large part of their revenue from global export sales.
In 2016, North America accounted for nearly 30% of the revenue in the global BOPP capacitor film market.
Global BOPP capacitor film production (by thickness), 2012-
2020 Tervakoski film, ACE Group, bolllore, FlexFilm, Steiner GmbH & CO are some key market playersKG, FSPG HI-TECH CO. , LTD.
Huayuan Plastic Film Co. , Ltd.
Dongli Advanced Film Co. , Ltd.
Samyoung Chemical Co. , Ltd.
LTD. , Kopafilm Elektrofolien GmbH, cosmic film, Xpro India Ltd.
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