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Beverage packaging, plastic anti-theft cover technology and its development

by:LINYANG     2020-01-09


Since the 1990s S, the PET bottled beverage produced by Coca-Cola Company has used plastic anti-theft covers instead of aluminum covers, thereby pushing the plastic anti-theft cover to the front desk of the beverage packaging. Since then, domestic powerful packaging enterprises and beverage manufacturers have introduced foreign equipment and started large-scale production and application of plastic anti-theft covers. Nowadays, thin and easy-to-open plastic bottle caps are packed all over the beverage market, which not only facilitates consumers, but also drives the rapid development of the beverage industry.

at present, due to the fierce competition in the domestic beverage industry, many well-known enterprises are adopting the latest production technology and equipment, to make China's cap-making machinery and plastic cap production technology level with the world's advanced level. Such as SACMI (SACMI), Okya (Alcoa)Husky (Husky)Demag (Demag), Nike (Nestal)Engel (Engel) World-renowned cover-making machinery has entered China. At the same time, the dispute over injection molding and compression molding in the field of plastic bottle cap production has also begun. Undoubtedly, technological innovation is the driving force for development and progress.

plastic press cover, leading the development direction of cover making in the future

plastic Press process cover making is very simple, putting quantitative materials into the upper mold and the lower mold, the upper and lower molds are combined, that is, the processing of materials is completed, then cooling, demoulding and cover making are completed. The injection molding process is like injection, pushing the material to the gap of the mold until the gap is filled, then cooling, demoulding, and completing the cover.

compression molding ( Continuous Compression Molding, abbreviated CCM) It is a new breakthrough in the manufacturing process of plastic products in the past 10 years. It has a century-old traditional injection molding process ( Injection Molding, abbreviation IM)It has posed a strong challenge. From the perspective of energy consumption, material consumption and environmental protection, in terms of comprehensive cost, in the beverage industry, plastic cover making is undoubtedly the development direction of current and future cover making methods.

at present, the pressure plastic cover occupies more than 80% of the shares of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Uni-President and Master Kong; Wahaha's tea drinks and soda, Huiyuan PET juice, etc. have reached 100%. The pressure plastic cover technology accounts for 70% of the world's share and more than 60% of China's share. Although the injection molding machine has adopted price cuts and various preferential promotions, the development trend of the compression molding process is not reduced. Since 2001, the number of compression molding equipment purchased by Chinese customers has greatly exceeded that of injection molding equipment.

■ single piece hot filling cap, low cost

because the bottle mouth tolerance is difficult to control to a predetermined range, crystallized PET hot filling bottles are almost 100% matched with two covers. From the end of the last century, many companies have tackled problems and tried to replace them with a single cover.

since 2002, the price of petrochemical raw materials around the world has generally increased, while the price of bottle caps in China has declined instead. Therefore, it is more stimulating for people to seek newer technologies to reduce costs. However, the compression molding process has the advantages of accurate cover size and small shrinkage coefficient. SACMI company has been actively cooperating with Chinese users to research and develop single-piece covers for hot filling, thus speeding up the practical process of single-piece covers.

■ combination cover, fashion choice

People still remember the scene that the sports cover of Nongfu Spring first appeared in China in 1998. In less than three months, the sports on the market are overwhelming. With the change of time and space and the integration of various cultures, it is inevitable that technological achievements will be displayed in a fashionable way. Therefore, the emergence of a new type of combination cover similar to the sports cover in the increasingly fashionable Chinese beverage industry will make the variety of Chinese beverage covers more colorful and attractive.

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