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Between what I tarpaulins thickness and quality dynamic _ industry

by:LINYANG     2020-03-28
A lot of people have a doubt that the thicker the tarpaulins, the better the quality, is that really so? The thickness of a tent and quality have what relation? Now in the peng city court, this kind of product and style are complete, the kinds of people in choosing this kind of product, due to a lack of understanding of this kind of product, therefore, always think tarpaulin as thick as possible. It's not unreasonable, the same specification material of tarpaulins, relatively speaking, the thicker the thickness, the more the better the quality. The tarpaulin thickness on the market generally from 0. 35 mm to 0. 8 millimeters, and the thickness of the tarpaulin is according to the thickness of yarn count, density of base fabric textile, thickness of coating material. So, when we judge the tarpaulin products quality, not sure tarpaulin as thick as possible, also cannot say that the thinner the poor, because the judge of tarpaulin is determined by various factors, such as peng cloth surface roughness, the quality of the yarn count, fabric density and coating raw materials quality, and the proportion of coating materials, and so on. Tarpaulin, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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