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Beijing 'fragrance activity' clears a push of food plastic packaging waste

by:LINYANG     2020-02-04

On the morning of April 7, at the'Little Shambhala' On the hiking line, more than 200 volunteers from Friends of Nature began to clean up the garbage in Xiangshan, picking up about 300 kilograms of garbage along the way. Yesterday, for this'Fragrance activities' Friends of Nature issued an analysis report, food plastic packaging into the most garbage in the Xiangshan area.

It is understood that'Fragrance activities' It is the most conventional environmental protection activity of the Friends of Nature mountaineering team. It has a history of 7 years, but in the past there were only dozens of people. This time the number of applicants is very large, with more than 200 people participating, so yesterday's'Fragrant team'It is also quite large.

captain Qu Zhixing introduced that because the regular mountain road in Xiangshan Park has sanitation workers responsible for picking up garbage, yesterday chose a'Wild Road', Called by the friendsLittle Shambhala'Hiking route. This road belongs to'Three no matter' Zone, but many mountaineering enthusiasts choose this road, so there is more garbage along the line.

'There is so much rubbish hidden here, I will go down. ' On the way to the mountain, a female volunteer saw the garbage between the two rocks and jumped down with the rocks. Around her were scattered beverage cans, wet tissues, food packaging bags and broken porcelain cups. . . . . .

According to the statistics of Friends of Nature, this timeFragrance activities' A total of 40 bags of garbage were picked up, weighing about 300. Among them, the number of food plastic packaging ranked first in the garbage, paper towels and toilet paper ranked second, wet wipes and their packaging ranked third.

' This is similar to the composition of each time Xiangshan picks up garbage. ' Zhang Bojun, head of the Friends of Nature City Solid Waste Working Group, said that every timeFragrance activities' After that, they will analyze the garbage composition. Because in the past seven years, although it has also taken the methods of listing and publicity, it has found that the garbage is always endless.

Zhang Boju said that the solid waste group wants to take Xiangshan as a sample to investigate which kind of garbage everyone throws more and then carry out more targeted publicity. Garbage disposal such as food plastic packaging is considering using'Bring food garbage down the mountain'Such a slogan.

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