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Before You Play With The Inflatable Bouncer

by:LINYANG     2020-08-29

Try to search inflatables on Google, more than 3,200,000 results will be shown you. Among the searchers, at least 50% people are just starting an inflatable business, and not so familiar with this industry. This article is to help you become professional on inflatables in 5 minutes and find a pefect inflatable in China.

You may always think that the thicker the material is, the better the quality will be. But that is absolutely wrong. If someone declares they use 0.6mm or 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin to sew inflatable bouncers and slides, please ignore and look for next one. As they are just trying to attract you to purchase by thicker material. 0.55mm PVC tarpaulin has been regarded to the best material for stitched inflatable games. If you are professional on inflatable product, you will know clearly 0.6mm or 0.9mm is just used to make sealed inflatable, such as paintball bunkers , water trampoline and inflatable boat.

Except the 0.55mm tarpaulin, another problem is the interior baffles. When people compare price and quality, only one tenth of them will mention this question. It's too easy to be ignored just because it is inside the inflatable structure. The interior baffle is also the key point for price. Sometimes the price will be very different due to different baffles, especially the inflatable slide, which needs lots of baffles to keep the shape, if use bad material to replace good baffles, price will be nearly 20% down. So you see the big difference. Ask the company send you some actual photos of inflatable product and do not forget to ask about their interior baffles.

Inflatable Bouncers are by nature inherently safe. Your children will be jumping on cushions of air, contained by soft colorful walls with mesh panels that allow you to observe at all times. However, accidents do happen and are almost always a result of inattention or poor planning. Here are some important tips to keep your event running smoothly and accident-free.

You probably already know where your inflatable bouncer, slide, or game will go. Walk around that area with this checklist:

* Your area must be flat. Your inflatable cannot be set up on a slope.

* You will need at least 2-5 feet of space on all sides of the inflatable bouncer .

* Make sure there are no overhanging branches or power lines that would be too close to the inflatable

* Do you have a sprinkler system? If so, make sure you know exactly where the sprinkler lines are and mark them for your rental company. They will need to tether your inflatable by staking it into the ground - with stakes as long as 40 inches!

* Find our where any underground gas, water, or power lines are located and have the locations marked.

* If you don't know where your sprinkler lines are, or gas, water, or power lines, let your rental company know in advance so they can bring the appropriate amount of weighted sandbags to secure the inflatable water slide .

* Clear the entire event area of debris, including sticks, rocks, toys, and animal waste

* Do you have accessible power? Ask your rental company how many blowers your inflatables will use. You should have a separate 20 amp circuit available for each blower (they will have appropriate extension cords). If you don't, let them know and you'll be able to rent a generator to power the blowers.

With these above features, I think they will come at least for two or three times, now you have repeaters. And without a doubt, you will quickly recoup your inflatable investment and find that even one obstacle course will dramatically increase your revenue. Soon, you will be the source of fun and laughter for next school event or carnival, church youth activities and any other festival.

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