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Be cleaned regularly to prevent tarpaulins moldy _ industry trends

by:LINYANG     2020-03-24
Tarpaulin be cleaned regularly to prevent mold, especially in the summer rainy season. This can not only improve the use effect of tarpaulins, also can effectively extend the service life of tarpaulin. Deal with tarpaulin mildewy, sponge to wipe clean, can use soapy water like a sponge stick on hot water, cleaning agents can be tents to wipe clean. And the use of mixed salt, lemon juice, gallons of water, and then knead stamp to mildew points can also remove odor, mold to dry. Because of the reason of tarpaulin appear smell general mold are in relatively humid place to grow up, generally in the humid environment will be a lot of on the contrary, that we don't put it in the damp environment. Above analysis knowledge consists of linyi city liqun tarpaulin factory provide for everyone. If you want to learn more tarpaulin order materals, knowledge or can log in our website: http://www. linyangpvc。 Com and/or telephone: 13869919193 13754728822.
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