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Barrier property of film application in medicines and health products

by:LINYANG     2020-03-02
With barrier property of composite film packaging cases of drugs, health care products are increasing, are legion. Capsules and tablets drugs blister packaging, pharmaceutical non-perishable, save time, carrying is convenient to use, and many other advantages, welcomed by patients, is currently the most widely used surface, the application effect is one of the most varieties, the packing material of aluminum foil with plastic sheet, is a kind of by the aluminum foil, bonding layer and protective layer consisting of three layers of a typical composite flexible packaging materials. Besides pharmaceutical blister packaging, by the barrier property of composite membrane made of various drugs packing pouch, multilayer film infusion bags have been widely used, its application and are all have the trend of widening and growth. Made of composite hoses, lu: su composite film processing and all kinds of good packaging material of ointment. Barrier property of composite membrane in addition to widely used in food, medicine, the application in the food and drug packaging is also very impressive. All need to cut off oxygen, water vapor packaging of goods, such as daily chemical products, pesticide, etc. , are broad market barrier property of film. In addition, the barrier property bags used in feather products, wool and other 'apparent density' big textile vacuum packaging, volume can reduce more than 70%, can greatly reduce the volume of goods, warehouse storage and transportation cost saving. For feather products such as the packaging of goods, especially need long-distance transport, the export products has obvious effect on the economy. Composite film is also used to vacuum packaging of household clothing storage bag, after will wash clothes, air into the bag, vacuum pump to the air inside the bag, seal mouth, can significantly reduce the volume, and because of the reduced the air inside the bag, oxygen and water vapor to reduce, not conducive to mold and moth biological reproduction, growth, has good mouldproof, insect-resistant effect. In a nutshell, barrier property packaging film is a kind of application is very wide, excellent application effect of packaging material, it has been in the production practice showed strong vitality, and will be in the future of human life, plays a more and more important role, in the discussion of functional packaging film, it shall be a key varieties, to give a lot of attention.
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