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Bagging bowls, cooked food, harmful health, plastic bags, bowls, careful use

by:LINYANG     2020-01-30

March 4

delicious snacks always cause many diners to visit. Some snack shop owners habitually put a plastic bag on the Bowl, but change the bag without changing the bowl. Is the plastic bag bowl hygienic or harmful? Professionals remind that there is a health hazard in the plastic bag on the bowl.

bagging bowls are very common

In restaurants near the Experimental Primary School, the owner directly put the bean curd and soy milk that had just been out of the pot into a bowl with a plastic bag. The plastic bag that was still bulging before was burnt on the wall of the bowl. A waiter sat on the side and was responsible for putting the bag on the bowl. After the customer finished eating, the plastic bag was thrown into the trash can with the soup and water, and then a new one was put on, it looks very hygienic. The waiter told the reporter:' I am afraid that it is not hygienic to set the bag, and it also saves the trouble of washing dishes, killing two birds with one stone. ' Later, the reporter visited some other food stalls in the city and found that it is very common to use plastic bags to put food on the bowl. Many customers have become accustomed to this. The reporter found that there was no manufacturer's logo on the plastic bag.

then, the publicBagging Bowl'What is the attitude? The reporter interviewed a number of citizens at random, and more than 80% of the interviewees had this experience. Most citizens think that the bowl with plastic bags is more hygienic. Liu Hui, a resident of the Yinchuan community in Xinhua Street, said:' There are so many people eating, who can guarantee that the bowl washed by the stall owner must be clean, I think it is more reassuring to eat a plastic bag. ' However, some citizens are worried that plastic bags will produce toxic substances when heated. ' The food that has just been out of the pot, the temperature is so high, directly on the plastic bag, it is definitely harmful to the human body. 'Mr. Yu said.

carefully screen and carefully use

is it sanitary or harmful to cover the bowl with plastic bags? The staff of the municipal Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute introduced that the mandatory standards issued by the state stipulate that the raw materials of plastic bags used to hold directly imported foods must meet the food-grade requirements, and the minimum sales unit of the products shall be marked'QS”Logo and'For food'Or'Food Special'Wait for the words. However, during the interview, the reporter found that most of the plastic bags used for the bowls had no relevant signs.

polyethylene (PE) It is recognized as the best material for food contact in the world. It is non-toxic and tasteless. It meets the hygiene standards for food packaging and can be used to contain food. Plastic bags made of polyethylene in daily life are mainly plastic wrap and plastic bags. The disposable recycled plastic bags sold on the market are mostly polyvinyl chloride recycled plastic products. Due to the poor performance of polyvinyl chloride, a large amount of plasticizer and stabilizer must be added when processing the film, most of the added substances are toxic and harmful. PVC plastic bags may produce some carcinogens when heated, and some foods with vinegar, oil and other substances involved in the reaction are more likely to pollute food. Remind the public to take the initiative to refuse to use non-food-specific plastic bags for their own health.

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