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Attention should be paid to the thickness of soft plastic film and packaging bags for children's toys

by:LINYANG     2020-01-29

PVC plastic news: recently, Finland made in China' Xiangfeng Toys”Brand toy building blocks' City Series, Police & Rescuers” The European Commission's non-food rapid warning system issued a consumer warning to China's products. The main reason is that the thickness of the plastic packaging bag is not enough, which may cause children to suffocate.

because the plastic packaging bag of this building block is not thick enough (The average thickness is 0. 027 /-0. 004mm) , There is a risk of suffocation, does not meet the EU Toy Directive and related standards EN 71-1. At present, Finland has taken measures to refuse import of this product.

Europe, America and other countries and regions have clear requirements for soft plastic films and packaging bags for children's toys. Relevant EU regulations clearly stipulate that toy packaging shall not constitute strangulation risk or suffocation caused by air blockage. Therefore, the inspection and quarantine department should strengthen the inspection of the packaging thickness of exported children's toys in the daily inspection and supervision, and improve the sense of corporate responsibility and crisis awareness.

for this reason, the inspection and quarantine department reminds relevant export enterprises:

1. Pay close attention to the quality standards and recall dynamics of importing countries to raise risk awareness, strictly follow the standard production and testing to eliminate potential export safety hazards;

2. Strengthen the sense of corporate responsibility, select qualified suppliers with good faith, strengthen the acceptance of raw and auxiliary materials, and do not covet cheap prices and bury potential safety hazards;

3. Strengthen contact and communication with inspection and quarantine to obtain information and technical support. For new products or products with doubts, contact the inspectors in time to eliminate hidden dangers in the bud and ensure the quality and safety of export toys.

relevant export enterprises in China should pay attention to reduce the output of unqualified soft plastic films and packaging bags for children's toys, and actively take improvement measures.

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