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Asia Pacific: The world's largest packaging film market

by:LINYANG     2020-02-07


In recent years, with the development of the packaging industry, the plastic packaging market has also been developing continuously. As one of the most important components, the plastic packaging film market is also booming. At present, the demand for packaging film is increasing year by year. Geographically speaking, the Asia-Pacific region is currently the world's largest packaging film market.

industry insiders pointed out that packaging films will have a significant impact on the quality and storage life of food, medicine and personal care products. In recent years, the field of food packaging has developed rapidly and has become the largest terminal application market for packaging films. The pharmaceutical and medical fields are closely followed, and their demand for packaging films is increasing year by year.

The famous market analysis website recently published a report forecast, 2013- 2018 during global packaging film consumption will to 4. The compound annual growth rate of 5% increased. In the next four years, its compound annual growth rate of market value will reach 5. 8%.

The report points out that the production process of packaging film is relatively complicated, and it has to go through many processes such as extrusion, blow molding, rolling and coating. It is reported that the choice of raw materials often depends on the final use of the film. Raw materials commonly used in packaging film production include LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, BOPP (Bidirectionally stretched polypropylene), CPP (Cast Polypropylene), BOPET (Biaxial stretch polyester), pvc, EVOH, PLA (Polylactic acid), PVDC (Polyvinylidene chloride), PVOH (Polyvinyl alcohol)Wait.

Research data show that the region controlled 35% of the global market share in 2012. In recent years, the food packaging and medical drug industry in China and India has risen rapidly, which has greatly pushed up the trend of the packaging film market. It is expected that China and India are expected to become the main drivers for the further prosperity of the Asia-Pacific packaging film market in the next few years. In addition, as the world's second and third largest packaging film markets, North America and Europe control 25. 5% respectively. 3% and 24. 1% market share.

in terms of raw materials, PE continues to be the most widely used packaging film raw material with an absolute advantage of 64%. However, in terms of growth rate, PP has begun to overtake in recent years, becoming the fastest growing demand for packaging film raw materials. In the production of flexible packaging film, BOPP's leading position is still irreplaceable. In addition, in North America and Europe, the market demand for special films is expanding day by day.

China's plastic film industry is facing great development opportunities. Enterprises should increase investment in technology, make rational use of resources, and make up for the deficiencies in production technology and material supply as soon as possible, so as to win more market share in the plastic film market. Due to the large demand for mulch in agriculture, the overall market has a good development prospect and great potential, so the competition in the industry is fierce, which will further stimulate the development of the plastic film industry.

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