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As a form of pvc film, it is widely used

by:LINYANG     2020-06-17
If we say which plastic polymers are currently in production and are used the most, then polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride are the two most widely used materials. Many times, we will find that many of the items we use in our daily lives are made of plastic made. For example, cleaning agent containers, broom shells, TV sets, computer shells, etc., these are products made of plastic materials. Among them, there is no lack of PVC film and other plastic polymer processing products. As one of the main polymer materials, pvc is considered to be the most widely used plastic material in the world, and there are many plastic products produced by it. Among them, PVC can form a soft type film by adding a dose of plasticizer, which makes this material occupy the head of film materials such as film and anti-glare film. ????Moreover, this kind of pvc film is also used in the lives of our families. The isolation film in daily use skin care products is this form of film. Our mobile phone film is basically a product formed of this material. How great is the value.
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